PRIMAL FEAR – The history of fear



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Chapter 1: Wacken Open Air – 8/2001
DVD-1 Angel In Black
DVD-2 Battalions Of Hate
DVD-3 Nuclear Fire
DVD-4 Chainbreaker
DVD-5 Eye Of An Eagle
DVD-6 Fight The Fire
DVD-7 Running In The Dust
DVD-8 Silver & Gold
DVD-9 Final Embrace
DVD-10 Angel In Black (Reprise)

Chapter 2: Black Sun Tour – 10/2002
DVD-11 Chainbreaker
DVD-12 Black Sun
DVD-13 Church Of Blood
DVD-14 Mind Control
DVD-15 Under Your Spell
DVD-16 Fear
DVD-17 Tears Of Rage
DVD-18 Armageddon
DVD-19 Living For Metal

Chapter 3.
DVD-21 Angel In Black (Video Clip)
DVD-22 Armageddon (Video Clip)

Chapter 4: Metal Warrior Report – Wacken 1999
DVD-23 Metal Warrior Report – Wacken 1999 (Live / Interview)

Chapter 5: The Bootleg Section – 30 Min. – Incl.
DVD-24 Wacken Open Air 1998
DVD-25 European Tour 1998
DVD-26 Dynamo Open Air 1998
DVD-27 Jaws Of Death Japan Tour 1999
DVD-28 First Show Of Henry Wolter 2000
DVD-29 Bang Your Head 2000 (Feat. Joacim Cans / Hammerfall)
DVD-30 Nuclear Fire European Tour 2001
DVD-31 Viva 2 (Live From Madrid) (Battalions Of Hate)
DVD-32 Bloodstock UK 2001
DVD-33 Gods Of Metal Italy 2001
DVD-34 Milwaukee / USA 2001
DVD-35 New Jersey / USA 2001
DVD-36 Black Sun Recordings / D & USA (Feat. Mike / Halford)
DVD-37 Black Sun Brazil Tour 2002
DVD-38 Metal Gods Tour USA 2003

CD Offical Bootleg:
CD-1 Introduction 0:37
CD-2 Angel In Black 3:35
CD-3 Battalions Of Hate 3:46
CD-4 Nuclear Fire 4:30
CD-5 Chainbreaker 4:12
CD-6 Eye Of An A Eagle 4:29
CD-7 Fight The Fire 4:43
CD-8 Running In The Dust 5:02
CD-9 Silver And Gold 3:28
CD-10 Final Embrace 6:23
CD-11 Angel In Black (Reprise) 2:13


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